We are specialists in handling, storing and marketing fruit, with a strict control of the source, harvest and cooling that allows us to offer our customers products of the highest quality, benefiting at the same time from the climatic conditions that occur in our area.
Our production exceeds 35 tons/year, divided among peaches, nectarines, flat nectarines and flat peaches, in addition to selling more than 6,000 T of apples and 3,000 T of pears.
The production and marketing of our fruit is spread throughout the year depending on the harvest time of each variety.
The "Fruites Font" brand is found in the top domestic markets, although a significant portion of its production is exported, in almost all of Europe, with Germany and Poland being the main destinations.


We have adapted our business to the new robotic food technologies, to strictly comply with legal regulations, as well as incorporating a rigorous quality control and sanitary guarantees, which has enabled us to obtain GlobalGAP and Qs certification.
Fruites Font currently has technologically advanced equipment, which enables the final consumer to receive the fruit in perfect conditions.